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Long Term Care

Concerns about long term care affect people in a broad range of ages. Generally, the need for long term care arises when you are unable to perform basic activities of daily living. That applies to anyone, at any age, suffering from a major accident, injury or a chronic debilitating illness. Because you may be at greater risk as you get older, exploring long term care insurance is one way to address long term care needs while helping to protect assets.

Things to consider when looking for a long term care policy

1. Daily Benefit – you choose an amount the plan will pay

2. Benefit Period – how long the insurance company will pay benefits once a claim is made

3. Elimination Period – number of days after the claim starts before the company pays

4. Inflation Protection – daily benefit increases by simple or compounding inflation

How to qualify for benefits

1. You need help with at least two of six Activities of Daily Living. In addition, it is expected that you will at least need the help for at least 90 days.

– OR –

2. You need help because you have a severe cognitive impairment, which means generally that you have a deterioration or loss in your intellectual capacity.


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