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New Business

The New Busines team at Trumark handle all new business applications from submitted to paid status. When new business is received in our offices it is reviewed for suitability and completeness, requirements are ordered, and then it is submitted as quick as possible to the carrier. Each case is followed-up on regularly unitl it is issued paid. In addition to constant personal communication between our case manager and our agents, all new business status is available on our website.

At Trumark we are always striving to make your business experience as easy and uncomplicated as possible. Our case managers are devoted to insuring that each piece of business we receive is given the personal attention it deserves and that your clients will receive the best possible product in the least possible time. We look forward to serving you.


Q. Do I need to submit the Trumark New Business Cover Sheet and Signed Trumark HIPAA with every formal application?

A. Yes. The Trumark New Business Cover Sheet assists your case manager in entering the applicaton quickly by giving them important details on the case regarding the agent, the client, medical orders, and if the case was discussed before submission. Additionally, the signed Trumark HIPAA allows Trumark to obtain access to otherwise confidential information and to discuss the case informally with other carriers should we need to move the case to a different carrier. It saves you time by not having to go back to the client a second time for signatures if we need to shop the case to other carriers.

Q. Do I need to place my agent identification or Trumark GA number on my submitted application?

A. No, your Trumark case manager will make sure all identifying information is placed on the application before submitting it to the carrier. However, you should make sure that the writing name is easily legible on the Trumark New Business Cover Sheet. Also, clearly mark any splits to make sure your commission is precessed quickly and correctly wehn the case marked in-force.

Q. Are there any new mandatory requirements I should be aware of?

A. Insurance carriers and states have certain requirements, which can be changed at their discretions. Often, applications will not even be entered with some carriers until all the requirements are fulfilled. Please contact your case manager to disucss any mandatory items so you can ensure your case moves through the new business process with minimal delays.

Q. How will I be notified of my case's status?

A. You will be automatically be notified via email by your assigned case manager any time there is an update regarding yoru case. You may also be notified by phone for matters that require further discussion.

Need an Illustration?

Call 800-648-5278, opt. 2 or email, and we will gladly handle all of your illustration requests. Let Trumark handle the busy work.

Needs Analysis?

This quick estimator worksheet provides a quick and simple method to estimate the amount of life insurance you will need.

Drop Ticket

With Trumark's drop ticket process, your clients can eSign and then eDeliver a term policy. Simply complete the TruExpress Application and email to or fax to 925-886-3527.

iGO e-App Access & Training

iGO e-App makes it easier by highlighting requred fields in yellow. As you complete the application, sections of the form are shown or pruposely hidden based on your client's answers. Carrier specific rules are embedded within the forms preventing any data entry mistakes that could cost you valuable time. Ensure every application you write is iGO - In Good Order - today!